The task is based on a simulation game. The main

 The task is based on a simulation game. 

The main objective of the simulation is to allow students to experience the challenges of building and managing a Small  Business in a given market under certain circumstances.  In this simulation, students play the role of a Small Business Manager which is considering how to grow a Small Business in a very competitive sector: the food &  restaurants sector. 

In concrete, the student will play the role of the manager of a restaurant which is offering fast food to its customers.  

The restaurant is not a franchise of a company and it is fully owned by the Small Business Manager.  Thus, the student is expected to work in the following points:  

1) Can you explain the main elements that you should contemplate to grow and sustain a new small business into that sector?  

You must set up and explain:  

✓ The purpose of the company and the main threats that will be faced by the company in the mid and long term.

 ✓ A description of your potential customers and their main needs.  

✓ Main trends impacting into your market and thus, into your business.

  ✓ Based on the previous, a first approach and design of the strategic line that will lead your business to stay alive and grow in the upcoming 5 years.  

2) Can you define the plans that you will consider developing when it comes to capturing the previous points and derived conclusions 

wordcount:2 500

 The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style

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