In my own words I would define diversity as different


In my own words I would define diversity as different aspects in which people define themselves from one another. Aspects like cultural backgrounds, race and other diverse groups in which people define with. Diversity to me also stands out as a variety of things. There are many differences between others. There are things to learn from other when looking at diversity. Social, economic, gender, race and many other aspects can be looked into. When looking at diversity I believe everyone is able to learn something from one another in various ways. When looking at my definition of diversity compared to the definitions provided in the reading I do see similarities. The article Introduction: Diversity from the Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice it states that diversity deepens learning and elevates thinking. Diversity gives us a chance to learn something from one another. To get a broader sense of where others come from. 

I believe my job is influenced by diversity in many ways. From communicating with patients on different levels of communication to the difference ways patients receive care. It s a very diverse community in healthcare. My understanding of diversity plays a role in how I communicate with each patients. Each person is very individual. They expect different outcomes and aspects when it comes to the care they each receive.  


Thompson, A., & Cusseo, J. (2014). Introduction: Diversity. In S. Thompson (Ed.), Encyclopedia of diversity and social justice. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. Credo Reference:

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