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Assignment 1.

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On an individual basis
Monitor a stock traded in a public exchange, from 1st Jan 2021 to date. Describe the evolution of the stock (price) and compare the evolution of the stock against the evolution of the index of the exchange. Explain the differences between the evolution of the stock and of the index.
Write the main characteristics of the firm chosen: the type of business, the sector, main competitors spotted, and personal impressions about the prospects of the firm: is the stock expected to rise or fall, according with your own analysis?
Description of the firm and of the overall economic situation
Table summarizing the evolution of the stock price over time, on a monthly basis (highest and lowest price within each month)
Chart of the price across the whole period
Summary of pros and cons. Why should an investor buy that stock? (Or why should not buy it?)

thorough report containing the required above and send it in pdf format

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