Walmart I. SEC 10-K Power Point Presentation a. You will



I. SEC 10-K Power Point Presentation

 a. You will also be required to prepare a power point file of 11 slides. The first slide will be the title slide. Each slide excluding the title slide is worth 10 points.

b. Your PPT presentation must represent a cross section of your SEC Report (Word document). Post the power point presentation in the discussion area (Week 6) for peer review by other students. This submission for peer review and commenting on at least one other student’s work will be the basis for your Week 6 Participation grade and it is required that you complete this assignment. 

c. After you read the comments you may wish to make changes to your power point file before submitting it in the assignment folder in Week 6.

d. Do not include citations as you will be providing me with them in your SEC report. If you choose to do so, it must be in Slide 12 which is an additional slide you will need to create. However, you will not get any extra points for creating Slide 12. If you mistakenly include citations in Slide 11, you will lose all points associated with that slide which is 10 points.

e. The points noted above are for the PPT submission through Assignment Link in Week 7. The basis for points is different when submitting them for peer review in the Discussion Board for Week 6. In Week 6, 15% of the Week 6 Discussion grade is allocated to your reviewing at least one other classmate’s unreviewed work; the balance 85% is allocated to your PPT presentation posted in Week 6 Discussion. 

6. Ask questions if any of the requirements are unclear.

7. You are required to post comments on the work of at least one other student who does not yet have comments, so that everyone has at least one set of comments. Do not wait until the last day to post your power point file so everyone has a chance to review the file.

8. Do not cut and paste from your SEC (Word) report.

9. Use visual cues such as color, graphics, bullets, etc. to enhance your presentation.

9. The amount of information contained in each slide should be roughly the same.

10. Do not cut and paste or integrate entire sections of the financial statements in to your presentation. If you do so, you will lose points associated with that slide.

11.Only 1 slide should contain background information about the company. This presentation is for an Accounting course. So, the emphasis of your presentation should be numerical. Present numerical information and explain what the numbers mean. Do not present numbers only without explanation.

SEC PPT Presentation Template 

Slide 1: Cover Slide containing name of your company, course name, professor’s  name and your name

Slide 2: Company Background/Introduction

Slide 3: Discussion on Income Statement

Slide 4: Discussion on Balance Sheet

Slide 5: Discussion on Statement of Cash Flow

Slide 6: Ratio Analysis

Slide 7: Horizontal Analysis

Slide 8: Vertical Analysis

Slide 9: Choose any of the above topics again except Background/Company Information. Eg: If you chose to make this a second slide on Income Statement, then this will become Slide 4, etc. to maintain the flow of information.

Slide 10: Choose any of the above topics again except Background/Company Information

Slide 11: Conclusion

Slide 12: Optional to include References

Note: This template represents a cross section of your SEC report as is required and noted in the instructions. This template superseded the generic PPT template that may be found elsewhere on course website.

PPT Feedback Template

You are required to use the following template when providing your feedback.

  1. Required number of slides were present: Yes or No. If no, elaborate on what is missing? 
  2. Did student adhere to the template provided? If no, please elaborate.
  3. Did student cut and paste entire sections of the financial statements into any of the slides? Yes or No. If no, please elaborate by cross referencing your comments to slide numbers.
  4.  Did each slide (except Slides 1 and 2) have both numbers and narrative elaborating on numbers presented in that slide? If no, specify which slide(s) was not in compliance with this requirement.
  5. Was there a good use of color? If no, please elaborate.
  6. Were visual aids present? Yes or No. Please elaborate if needed.
  7. Other Information you would like to include
  8. Note: When providing feedback, you must cross reference your responses to the question numbers. Don’t reproduce the questions.
  9. Your feedback must be a minimum of 150 words

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