1. at least 2~3 pages of study report (cover page


1. at least 2~3 pages of study report (cover page is not countable).
2. Required (if you cannot do the simulation, at least have article review, but please do not have any plagiarize issue)
(1) Use Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQLite, or any available one, no matter commercial/freeware/online to create database, tables, and configuration of the management system.
(2) demonstrate the creation, processes, and configuration info in your report by using screenshot or substitute method to display your process/result.
(3) please also have a short introduction of the used tool and a short concluding in your report.
free tool reference website: https://www.w3resource.com/index.php
If you use Mac, you may install some freeware from https://business.tutsplus.com/articles/best-free-open-source-mac-database-software-2018–cms-31480.
If you can not get any available software for installing and have simulation, you can have some related article review for substitution. It is acceptable, too.

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