After viewing and analyzing audience for the TED Talk, design

After viewing and analyzing audience for the TED Talk, design an advertisement to help promote or bring awareness to this topic (Human Trafficking). Your goal is to inform the target audience and reach a new audience.  Your advertisement should include images and any other information that you all deem necessary to draw the interests of your audiences. You may need to complete some research. Remember to use creditable sources. If you are not sure, ask your professor. When done, write a brief memo in which you all analyze the audience and discuss how designed advertisement appeals to needs and expectations of the audience. 

TED Talk Link: I was human trafficked for 10 years. We can do more to stop it.

Submission Reminders: Be sure to save your work as a PDF and upload it to Blackboard for a grade. Use any medium you find necessary to create your document. This could include: PowerPoint, AdobeSpark, Photoshop, Google, etc. 

This assignment requires 2 documents, Flyer and Memo.



CC: [Carbon copy to everyone in group/or who needs to know]

FROM: [Your Name] 

SUBJECT: [Gives an idea about what memo is about] 

• When constructing the heading, be sure to double space between sections and align the text. • You may choose to add a line below the heading that goes all the way across the page. This will separate the heading from the body of the memo.


Briefly explain the point of the document (or assignment)


Skip formal salutation. Get to the point. Summarize the information that you are about to discuss. 


Discuss detailed version of writer’s message. Begins with background: facts readers need to know to understand. Who? What? When? Where? How? 

Give evidence and logical reasoning for the solution you propose.  

Start with the most important information. 

[Longer memos include short heading. Consider evidence and graphics to support your discussion] 


What would you like the reader to do? 

End with a positive and warm summary.  

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