For this report, you are to create your own “Top

For this report, you are to create your own “Top 10 Sports Torts List.” Start by finding 10 of the most bizarre, craziest, dumbest, most violent, wildest or simply most interesting instances of one person doing something to another person involving sports – it can be player-on-player, player-on-fan, fan-on-fan or even anything involving referees or other event personnel.

Then, for each instance: (1) explain what happened, (2) explain what tort would be involved if the injured  party filed suit, and (3) provide an analysis of applying the elements of the tort to the facts of the case, including providing your opinion on the most-likely result if a lawsuit were brought over each instance.

You shall be graded on your complete and proper explanation of the elements of the torts and language usage, all as noted below. The report must be no more than 3,000 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form. A report that does not follow this form will be deducted one point. This project is 15%  of your overall grade.

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