HOMEWORK Assignment Resources Watch the video on the Enron scandal.


Assignment Resources

Watch the video on the Enron scandal. Then read the articles listed below before you start your paper.

Enron Video

Enron 15 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

GAILLE PLLC. (2019). Enron 15 Years Later: Where Are They Now? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 19]. Retrieved from https://gaillelaw.com/2016/02/25/enron-15-years-later-where-are-they-now-gaille-energy-blog-issue-19/

Former Enron CEO Released from Prison to Halfway House

U.S. (2019). Former Enron CEO released from prison to halfway house. Retrieved from https://www.reuters.com/article/us-enron-sklling/former-enron-ceo-released-from-prison-to-halfway-house-idUSKCN1LG08F

Sarbanes Oxley Act

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (Modified 2/15/2012). The Laws that Govern the Securities Industry. Retrieved March 18, 2012, from http://www.sec.gov/about/laws.shtml#sox2002

Assignment Instructions

After reviewing these resources, do some additional research on the Enron scandal. Formulate your own opinion regarding ethics and the case.

Write a 1 page reaction paper to this case. What led to the downfall of Enron? How did the leadership of the company violate ethics laws? How did investment banking contribute to the unethical practices the company followed? Did the Federal Reserve Bank play a part? Give evidence that supports your opinion using credible sources.

Length/Formatting Instructions

Length300 WordsFont12 point, Calibri Font, 1″ MarginsProgram/File TypeSubmit in WordAttachmentsShould be pasted into the Word document if possible.Referencing systemAPA referencing system is necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the Internet.

For examples of correct citations, visit the following links:


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