Please answer at least THREE of the following questions after

Please answer at least THREE of the following questions after reading the article . 

According to observers in the 1920s. what were the primary advantages and disadvantages of commercial radio broadcasting?

Was radio “a blessing or a curse”? Why?

What could radio offer individuals and society that was unique and revolutionary?

How did supporters and critics of radio frame their arguments? Upon what factors did they base their judgments?

To 1920s commentators, how would radio influence politics, citizenship, newspapers, military defense, popular entertainment, the nation’s youth, and global communication and cultural understanding?

To what extent were the 1920s commentators accurate in their predictions? Where were they off-base? Why?

To what extent does the commentary resemble 21st-century discussion about the value and future of the Internet, social networking, mobile devices, video games, etc.?

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