Concepts of Managed Care Assignment Content Before starting this assignment,

 Concepts of Managed Care 

Assignment Content

  1. Before starting this assignment, please make sure to review pages about Medicaid in the text, as well as the YouTube clip provided below (YouTube URL:

    In at least 500 words, explain and summarize (in your own words as much as possible) the key parts to the historical roots of the Medicaid program, and explain how these key parts apply to Managed Care. 

    Reflect on how the information you have researched and analyzed relates to the study of managed care organizations.

    Be sure to cite your sources of information (using the APA style and format- including your textbook).

    ** This assignment maps to Learning Objectives 1, 2, and 4**

  Course Materials :Required Textbooks:Kongstvedt, P., Health Insurance and Managed Care: What They Are and How TheyWork, 5th. Edition. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.ISBN- 978-1-284-15209-8 or EBook-ISBN-978-1-284-09487-9

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