Assignment: Self-Assessment Discussion • Reflect on topics they have covered

Assignment: Self-Assessment Discussion

• Reflect on topics they have covered over the last 15 weeks

• Discuss the application of Middle Range Theories and Nursing Practice.

• Discuss the impact of mentors during the course

Student Learning Outcomes (Outcome 1-3, &, 4)

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

• Critically analyze the philosophical underpinnings of nursing theories.

• Critique nursing’s conceptual models, grand theories, and mid-range theories.

• Examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice.

• Apply nursing theory or theories to nursing research.

Please use APA 7th Edition. 400 words. Attached Word document with course topic. Scholarly references (Within 5 years) if applicable.


Discussion topics

1. The development of nursing knowledge is an ongoing process. Discuss the case for the ongoing development and use of nursing grand theories and conversely, make a case for the obsolescence of nursing grand theories for today’s practice and research.


2. Making judgement as to whether a theory could be adapted for use in research is very important.  Describe the internal and external criticism that is used to evaluate middle range theories.


3. Using the theory of unpleasant symptoms as a guide, what would you look for in an assessment tool for patient symptoms?


4. Using the criteria presented in week 2, critique the theory of Self-Efficacy using the internal and external criticism evaluation process.


5. The use of spirituality in nursing practice is not new.  However, it is more studied and utilized in a more structured format in nursing.  Identify and discuss tools used to evaluate spirituality.


6. Analyze the potential effectiveness resulting from professional or nurse-provided social support versus enhancement of social support provided by personal relationship and social networks for parents of children with chronic mental illness.


7. Select any middle range nursing theory and do a PowerPoint presentation on ways in which the theory is applicable to your practice.

8. The surrogate role is not one that is frequently mentioned in recent nursing practice literature.  Is that role as defined by Peplau relevant to nursing practice as currently experienced.  If so, in what way.  If not, why?


9. Based on the theory of attachment, what behaviors would a nurse attempt to stimulate when working with parent to promote health attachment?

10. Evidence suggests that patients do better when their expectations about specific benefits of nursing care are discussed and met.  Design a “comfort contract” whereby patients or their surrogates designate an expected level of postsurgical overall comfort, and where they can specify chronic discomforts and interventions that they use at home for relief.


11. Discuss the underlying assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures for children or those unable to speak for themselves.

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