Throughout social media websites and apps, there are individuals who

Throughout social media websites and apps, there are individuals who create content about various aspects of human development such as physical
health, nutrition, parenting, emotional wellbeing, and so much more. On Instagram, some popular examples are @takingcarababies,
@biglittlefeelings, and @milestones.and.motherhood. Some of these individuals are professionally qualified to discuss these topics; they earned
degrees, licenses, and work in the field. Others are not qualified and make claims based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence.  You will evaluate the content of three different social media influencers and compare and contrast what they say about their topic
and what the research says.
Find three social media influencers who create content about an aspect of human development. To be considered an “influencer” they must
have over 100,000 followers and post content to FaceBook, Instagram, or TikTok regularly. Make sure to provide their social media handle.
 Evaluate each influencers content over the past two weeks. Provide links and/or screenshots of stories, captions, and other content to use. Then answer the following questions:
o What aspect of human development does this person post about?
o Are they qualified in any way to post about this subject? If so, what makes them qualified?
o Pick two specific posts over the past two weeks for each influencer and evaluate the accuracy of the information they provided to their
followers? Is it correct, is it complete? 

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