Behavioral and Social Cognitive Theories This is your scenario: The

 Behavioral and Social Cognitive Theories
                                        This is your scenario: The
publishing house you are interning for is thinking of incorporating
personality tests into the firm’s job application process. The human
resources director has asked you to conduct research on different
personality tests and prepare a proposal.

Research a minimum of 3 free personality tests available online
1) Big Five Personality Test
2) Myers-Briggs Test
3) Rorschach test

Write a 525- to 700-word proposal, completing the following:
List and summarize the 3 or more tests you researched.
Describe any behavioral or social cognitive theory aspects that are
identified in these tests.
Identify and explain why you believe the test you selected will be the
best fit for your large publishing firm

Include a reference page at the end of the proposal 

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