Characterize the 7Ss for Twill Enterprises


Twill Enterprises



Please answer the following questions:


  1. Characterize the 7Ss for Twill Enterprises (i.e., what is Twill’s strategy, structure etc)
  2. Assess the fit between Twill’s strategy and its other 6Ss?
  3. What should Twill do to successfully implement its strategy?


Please read the 7S article as well as other class handouts on strategy implementation to understand what each of the 7Ss mean, and then identify what the characteristics of 7Ss are for Twill.  Making a bulleted set of complete sentences for each of the 7Ss will help answer question 1.  Such a bulleted set of statements will also help in assessing the strategy’s “fit” with the other 6Ss (for question 2).  As for question 3, base your recommendations on your findings from the assessment of “fit” (question 2).


Organize your report so that it is easy to read and understand. Please keep your report to within 3 type-written pages (using a reasonable font size, margins and 1.5 or 2 spacing,).



Your report will be evaluated for the following:


  1. Whether you use appropriate concepts and analysis to answer the question
  2. Whether the concepts are used correctly
  3. Whether your conclusions are clear and supported by facts in the case and your analysis
  4. Whether the report is well written (easily readable, and is without grammatical and spelling mistakes)



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