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Media Chart Assignment and Comment Paper

Make sure your read and follow all directions

Read both pages

This assignment is designed to assist you in learning the different bias in today’s media, and the different sources of media and news information.  It is also designed for you to become a well-informed citizen.

You will watch and chart 15 shows for each Media assignment as follows:

(You can DVR the shows or watch them on YouTube, but watch current shows, within seven days of airing).  Do not watch the same anchors or reporters if watching the same network for that assignment.  You can watch many of the shows by going to its website.  Some of them have whole episodes on line


A) Three “Comedy” News shows (Satire): Watch three different shows. Examples:

The Daily Show (Daily, Comedy Central),

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Wednesday TBS),

Last Week with John Oliver (Sunday, HBO),

The Greg Gutfeld Show, (Sunday FOX)

Bill Maher (Friday, HBO),

The Jim Jefferies Show  (Tuesday, Comedy Central)

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper (Weeknights, Comedy Central)

Three shows of Seth Meyers Closer Look (part of Late night with Seth Meyers (nightly NBC)



B) Three Hours of Broadcast News National Evening edition (CBS, NBC or ABC).  You must watch one from each Network


C) Two Hours of Sunday morning News Shows;

Face the Nation CBS

This Week ABC

Fox News Sunday FOX

State of the Union CNN

Meet the Press NBC


D) Six Hours of Cable News (Do not watch two hours of the same reporter)

Two Hours of CNN News.

Two Hours of MSNBC News.

Two Hours of Fox News.


E) One Hour of International News Network:


CGTN (China)

Al Jeerzera (Qatar)

RT North America (Russia)

Sky News (Australia)



Chart: Must be typed using 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial).

You must prepare you chart using exel.  Set up columns as detailed below.  You must prepare the chart in the order set forth above.  Shows in section A first, then B and so forth.

On your excel sheet (print in landscape) List date of each show, the Network, the reporter/anchor, three topics discussed on that show, and the bias, if any, of each broadcaster or writer on those three issues on the Media chart.  Your discussion of each issue should be 2-5 quality sentences.  Your discussion of bias must provide your reasons, and be 2-5 quality sentences. Print your chart and turn in the hard copy on the due date. 

Comment Paper:

Pick one topic and discuss how three of your media sources portrayed the topic.  You should write at least one quality paragraph describing each of your selected media for that issue.  You should write one quality paragraph discussing your opinion on the issue.  The Paper must be at least 4 quality paragraphs.

Format in separate paragraphs:

Heading: The Topic you selected

Media one:

Media two:

Media three:

Your opinion:  What’s your opinion on the selected issue.

Comment Papers are to be between 400-600 words, MLA format.


Make sure you put your name, Class Ticket, and date on both the Chart and Comment Paper.  You may attach them to each other.  They must be stapled before you come to class.

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