SWOT analysis of a 2017 Fortune 500 Company.

 Principles of Management

SWOT Analysis Research Paper Requirements

As part of your course grade, each student is required to submit a research paper. Your assignment is to complete a SWOT analysis of a 2017 Fortune 500 Company. Each student must research and write about a different Fortune 500 company. You must choose and post your choice of company to the Discussions board in D2L no later than March 25, 2018. If someone has already posted your choice of company before you have posted it, please choose another company and post it to the Discussions board. I want to avoid duplications, so please choose a company that is not already chosen. The actual paper is due in the Assignments tool no later than April 15, 2018.


To see the 2017 Fortune 500 List, click here.


Please use the TTC Management Library Guide for acceptable article databases to use for your research paper. To access the Management LibGuide, click here. In addition to the databases, there is also information about how to write a research paper and how to cite your sources. Try to use current references (no older than 2 years old). You will need a minimum of three reference articles/sources.


Term Paper Format (5 pages total)


Works Cited/Bibliography (minimum of 3 research sources)


The paper should:


be typed and double-spaced.

have no greater than 1-inch left and right margins and 1-inch top and bottom margins.

be spell-checked and grammar-checked.

be in the Ariel 12 pt. font, or similar font, not to exceed 12 pt.

include no quotations.


Cite all reference materials in the correct format used.  Wikipedia is not a valid resource.  You may use the company’s latest Annual Report as one source but you must have two additional research sources for a minimum of three research sources.


You must submit your research paper through the course Assignments tool on or before the due date. Your paper will run through the integrated TurnItIn application automatically. Please submit only original, new research in your own words/writing. Do not recycle previously submitted research papers completed in other courses, other semesters, or at other schools.


Please, do not include quotations in your paper. I want to see your writing ability and not quotations of another writer’s work.


You can use either MLA or APA documentation style—it’s your choice. I am most interested in the subject matter of your paper.


Please Note: This SWOT Analysis Research Paper is directly linked to the Case Study assignment in MGT 240, Management Decision Making. In MGT 240, the student will be required to write a longer paper with higher level critical thinking skills.


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