Gender diversity

 The document contains feedback from the professor please follow correctly or it will be considered wrong. Purpose of the Study Begin writing here… Checklist: ☐ Begin with a succinct purpose statement that identifies the study method, design, and overarching goal: “The purpose of this [identify research methodology] [identify research design] study is to [identify the goal of the paper that directly reflects and encompasses the research questions that will follow].” ☐ Indicate how the study is a logical, explicit research response to the stated problem and the research questions that will follow. ☐ Continue with a brief but clear step-by-step overview of how the study will be  or was (manuscript) conducted. . ☐ Identify the variables/constructs, materials/instrumentation, and analysis. ☐ Identify the target population and sample size that will be needed (proposal) or was obtained (manuscript). ☐ Identify the site(s) where the research will be or was (manuscript) conducted using general geographic terms to avoid identifying the specific location. To avoid compromising participants’ confidentiality or anonymity, use pseudonyms.

#Gender #diversity

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