The sound and the fury

 Part 3: April 6, 1928: Jason’s section gives us a different character. Unlike Benjy or Quentin, Jason is….well… kind of evil – but that’s my opinion. base that opinion off of the actions of Jason throughout his section. Jason is driven by money, in the simplest of phrases, but more so he seems bitterly tortured. Using two examples of textual evidence, create a character sketch of Jason based upon how you view him. In your sketch, use different words to describe him and then support that with quotations that you analyze to clarify those words. Easy, right…well – he’s complex and your descriptions of him should be as well. Benjy and Quentin’s sections are dominated by Caddy – although she is never present. How does Caddy factor into Jason’s section? How would you characterize his connection to Caddy in comparison to Benjy and Quentin? Similarly, Benjy and Quentin seem to live as much as possible in the past, whereas Jason seems more rooted in the present. He also seems more invested in materialism (i.e. money) than either of his brothers. Discuss his affinity for money and how that aspect factors into not only his character but his section. Many critics have noted the difference in “speed” in Jason’s section, which seems to move more swiftly than the other two. Do you agree with this and if so, how does that add to Jason’s characterization? Part 4: April 8, 1928: The last section of the novel is not intended to be an ending in the “neat wrap-up/happily-ever-after” sense of the word. Rather, Faulkner’s choice to close the novel on Easter Sunday alludes to the Christian narrative of Christ’s resurrection from death. Couple that with the “Compson Appendix” and the two words that describe Dilsey – “They endured” – one is left to wonder if the Compson family will resurrect themselves from their downward spiral and “endure” or will they completely crumble. Which brings us to Dilsey. She is the rock of the family, the voice of reason, and a black female servant. This section is in third person narration. We can think of this as Faulkner entering his own novel, or as many scholars have suggested, this is Dilsey’s viewpoint of the family.

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