Human Trafikking

Write a paper based on Human Trafikking. Please make sure professor instructions are follow exactly. Please identify clearly an issue, problem or condition related to stress, trauma, crisis or PTG in individuals, families or communities. You can base your choice on a particular case to which analysis informed by available knowledge will be applied, or on an issue, which will be illustrated using a case or cases with which you are familiar. In either approach, the work must demonstrate the ability to connect The goal of this scholarly two-part written paper (up to 6 pages each part with separate reference page) is for you to integrate current theoretical, empirical and intervention knowledge about the nature, etiology (causes), implications, practices and policies that pertain to the issue or problem in which you are interested relevant to the course content. Both parts of the paper ought to be written in a scholarly, clearly structured fashion, using APA style referencing (in text and on separate reference page). References ought to be drawn from assigned readings as well as students’ own research (you may use the recommended reading list, but depending on the problem you choose, you will likely need to go outside of these sources and locate additional sources through library research). Papers will be evaluated based on thoroughness, conceptual accuracy, critical thinking, grammar, and proper use of APA referencing and overall presentation. 25% of semester grade general knowledge to a particular client system situation. • Describe the problem and its manifestations in the relevant client system. • Identify factors that contribute to the creation of the problem and support its continuation, including those at the micro, mezzo and macro (organizational, community, political) levels. Discuss the significance of the problem both for the particular client system and for the broader society, including the cross-cultural and international aspects

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