Physical, economic and cultural characteristics of the Egypt and

This paper will be between 10-12 pages, double spaced, font size no more than 12, times new roman. The following is a summary of what is expected on your completed written assignment. Please make sure you use as many key terms from the text as possible. You will be graded on terminology as well as other content as outlined below. 1.The Physical characteristic of the country eg. Its major landforms, its absolute and relative location, climate, weather and other physical attributes as discussed in class. This section must include a map with proper notification of scale, direction, title, legend, capital city and other major physical locations such as mountains, streams etc. clearly marked. (Chapters 1- 4 in your text). Also include in the paper the climate and weather, and landforms. 2.Cultural Characteristics : Discuss the cultural characteristics of the country in terms of the following: a. Population, Religion, ethnicity, food, dress b. Urban and Rural Divide, urbanization and its impact on the people c. Political organization and issues (how they are politically organized) d. Historical Narratives such as impact of colonialism, major events that have impacted the nation e. Other issues unique to the country 3. The Economic Characteristics that will have you analyze how the people of this country have used their physical location, physical/ natural resources ( e.g. Petroleum, minerals, natural landscape and beauty, people, history, geographic location, colonial heritage, natural disinter etc.) to develop an unique way of life that is special to the economic identity of that country. Note: this is linked to section 1 as well. However, in this section you are answering the question ‘what do people in this country do to make a living for themselves and their families’ 4.Summary Summarize your analysis and highlight what is unique about this country, either in terms of its economy, physical or cultural. Try to link the physical, economic and cultural characteristics of the country and highlight its role in this Globalizing World we live in. Make sure you make spatial connections between the physical, cultural and economic characteristics of the country. I am expecting to see you tie-up the impact of the physical environment, culture and economy on the lives of the people who live in the country and in this spatially connected world. This is a very important section and should include YOUR OWN thoughts and perceptions about this country, its future and how YOU think it will change either politically, economically or culturally in the next 10 years. Also expected and included in the page count: A Bibliography of at least 5 sources. Please use the MLA format. You may reference it at

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