Pulitzer portfolio- “the experiences of individuals that illuminate

 The main prompt: Review your Pulitzer portfolio and analyze how the authors focus (or how the author focuses) on “the experiences of individuals that illuminate the material impact of power.” Then make further connections between your portfolio and Keller. Concentrate on how the author(s) of your sources frame the portfolio’s narrative to illustrate power differentials. Think about what Keller has to say about the human body and its role in the explication of power differentials. https://www.pulitzer.org/finalists/staff-propublica https://niemanreports.org/articles/a-century-of-pulitzer-journalism-speaking-truth-to-power/ The basics: You will write a minimum four-page essay in which connect your chosen Pulitzer winner/finalist’s portfolio (what you read for MA #1) with the arguments of Julia Keller in her article, “A Century of Pulitzer Journalism Speaking Truth to Power” especially what she says about power and narrative. Your Pulitzer portfolio will be your primary source; the Keller article will be your secondary source. Therefore, this essay will show how well you can synthesize sources in an academic essay.

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