A Critcal analysis of Hemingway

For your essay •Continue with point #1 under discussion leader questions; that is, summarize and engage with/speak back to the article in question. The reader needs to hear your authorial voice in your essay, not just a straightforward summary of the article in question. Feel free to use the first person in your essay. • Discuss whether your initial impressions of the reading in question were complicated or changed by the critical article in question. Be specific, and reference specific sections from both readings. •Consider how O’Connor, Hemingway, and the critical article fit in with the goals and themes of this course. For example, how might your assigned reading and the article fit in with our readings in short fiction and late-19th-century American literature? On the other hand, how might the story and article venture off from course subject matter and readings in American literature? Unite these questions into a coherent, “flowing” essay with transitions, topic sentences, textual evidence, a thesis, and other such devices of expository writing. Use direct textual evidence, which is subsequently paraphrased, in each body paragraph to substantiate your points. (*Note: this link on eLearn connects to two outcomes: Creativity-mid-level (3.2L literature) and Communication (2.3 reading). Length: 3-4 pages (At minimum 3 complete pages . . .this means your final sentence should reach the bottom of the page). Double-spaced. “References” provided. Cite any and all sources that you use. Format: APA citation (both in-text and end-of-text citations) The basic steps to this assignment: 1) Read your critical article before doing any research and after you’ve read your chosen text in full. Since this assignment requires some self-reflection, be aware of your original reading of the literary work in question. 2) Be sure that you can access your article on eLearn; this step shouldn’t be a problem since I already uploaded the article or provided a link. 3) Prepare for your discussion response first; then submit your essay onto chalk and wire. Due dates are above. 4) I then grade both your discussion leader questions and essay together and post feedback and a grade on e-portfolio with the rubrics.

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