Zarya ISS Module

we used tinkered program to do this module,,the report 2 sections make it short as you can Section 1: Introduction The Introduction provides the context and framework for the reader to properly understand and interpret the remainder of the report. Elements of an Introduction ➢ Topic. Have one sentence introducing what the subject matter is. ➢ Purpose. Indicate why the report was written, for whom, and for what purpose. For a design process the report is usually purposed towards documenting that process and its success. ➢ Audience. Indicate who are the appropriate or intended readers. This is optional, however as a writer it is important to make sure an audience is being kept in mind, even if not specified (i.e. don’t just write for yourself. Think beyond just “I had to write this report” and consider what further relevance the report has.) ➢ Content Overview. Provide a preview of the contents of the report. This is frequently done with a list within a sentence. ➢ Background. For a design report use this as a RESEARCH section. Describe the background research completed in order to make the design. Note on grammatical person: In most of the report you will stick to third person. This means saying “the model was printed using a Makerbot 3D printer” rather than “we printed the model using a Makerbot 3D printer”. Section 4: Discussion The Discussion Section is one of the most important parts of your report, because you demonstrate that you understand the relevance of the design beyond simply completing the steps. Questions to Answer ➢ Are there imperfections in the design? Where do they come from? o Example: Do the imperfections come from the design model for from the manufacturing process? ➢ What about the design went right? What were its strengths? ➢ What about the design went wrong? What were its weaknesses? What would you change in the next iteration of the design to improve? ➢ What errors were made in the design process? ➢ What is the relevance of this design in the future? o Examples: Might it have importance to research? Does it collect important data? Will the design process, and different tools or manufacturing processes, be useful in future projects? ➢ Summarize at the end.

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