Parenting Today: Descriptions of 2 local agencies that work directly

A 7 – 10 page (excluding title page and reference list) research paper on the underlying issue you chose for the applied final project and a description of how parents can deal with the issue/s of the Lot in Life — based upon theory and research findings.. Your research paper should draw from at least 8 scholarly primary sources of information (recent peer-reviewed journal articles, books written by human development theorists, and government bulletins reporting up-to-date statistics).

All sources of information must be cited and referenced in APA, 6th edition, style. Please see the Syllabus and the UMUC policy on plagiarism. Points for Part 3 of the applied final project will be assigned in the following manner: Description of the Problem/Issue…..5 points Background Information…..10 points (theoretical perspectives and up-to-date research findings related to the topic) Strategies for addressing the issue…..10 points, (based upon theory and research findings) Descriptions of 2 local agencies that work directly with parents and/or their children on the underlying issue/s…..10 points >Identification and description of two agencies (2 pts.) > Mission statements of each agency (2 points) > Contact information for each agency (1 point)

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