Strategic Crisis Management – Literature Review

For this assignment students must read and review one of the scholarly journal articles selected and posted on the course site. There will only be four (4) students allowed to use each article. The assignment will consist of two parts. Initially you are to contribute to an online discussion with the other students reading the article. The second part is an individual essay in which each student will write a Literature Review on the thesis of the article discussed on the discussion board Go into Blackboard to select your article. Do it early before the article you want is full. Part A: Online Contribution – 1/3 of grade a) Once in the group Blackboard will facilitate discussions for each article. You are required to create and comment in a single thread with a discussion in two parts: 1. Purpose – Discuss the Problem Statement. Why is this topic important? What were they investigating? What is the purpose? How could this relate to other sectors in Industry? 2. Discussion – What were the key findings of the study? What did they mean? What is the value of this research? This discussion must be detailed and constructive. Recognize that you are to research and substantiate statements of your discussion with properly referenced support other than the article in question.

b) Following your submission to this, the threads from the other students in your group will appear. You are to respond to the presentations of least two other contributors in your forum. A minimum of 100 words per entry is expected. You will be graded on quality and presentation. Though differing opinions are encouraged it is expected that students will be respectful in communicating their disagreement with others. Again recognize that you are to research and substantiate statements of your discussion with properly referenced support

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